Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blind Date: The toddler Edition

I got to witness my daughter’s first date.  She subtly fixed her hair, adjusted her favorite dress and had so much confidence the boy couldn’t help but take notice. Have I mentioned that she is five?
 The girls, my mom and I walked up to the neighborhood ice cream shop for a little after dinner treat. Love Monster my five year old, concocted her sundae from the do it yourself candy bar piling on Oreo chunks, sour worms and sprinkles onto her strawberry ice cream as I put together, her sister, Smirker’s more conservative vanilla and sprinkles combo. I saw Love Monster gazing across the room. Now she doesn’t stop for anything so this moment certainly felt like the world was standing still.  A boy about her age and his older sister,I presumed, were sitting at a table. Love Monster was totally locked in. Without a second thought she sat next to him. 
 “Hi,” she said with supreme authority.
 His sister might as well have been invisible.  Love Monster only had eyes for this boy. The sister was a little taken a back.  The boy looked like he was trying to melt into his chair. The kid’s grandparents who were standing nearby took notice as well. 
 We were all enchanted. 
 My mom, Smirker and I took a table behind this impromptu first date. (Hell I know what boys are capable of) and tried to seem interested in our melting dessert.
 The boy’s sister was not so subtle.  She whipped out her iPhone and began filming.
 “So, who’s your favorite superhero?” Love Monster asked. Immediately the boy’s nervousness faded.
 Now that was a good question. Dang girl. No wasting time! How did she know to ask that??? She has got game. What a great line. I was in awe.
 “I can’t decide. Either Spiderman or Batman.” 
 Love Monster nodded in agreement.
 “What about you?” He asked.
 “Super-girl,” She responded.
 He smiled.
 She does not know superheroes by the way. She thinks Super-girl is her.
 The both took bites of their ice cream.
 “Ask his name,” I whispered to her.
 “What’s your name?” Love Monster asked.
 “Dave,” The boy said.
 Dave. Dave. Dave’s are trouble.
 Then he spoon fed her a bite of ice cream and dabbed away the excess on her mouth with his napkin. I don’t think I’ve had a date that’s gone this well.
 “She’s pretty! Tell her she’s pretty!” His grandma said.
 This has got to be the weirdest date ever between the cheering sections, arm chair dating and soon to be youtube fame. But they were rolling with it. By then everyone in the shop was watching this little snippet of juvenile romance.
 “I want to show you something,” Dave said standing up.
 I nearly choke on my sprinkles.
 He started to do the robot. Perfectly. 
 He was talking about dancing, Beth. He’s four. Chill out.
 Love Monster of course began to join in and he taught her a few moves.
 They spent the next ten minutes playing “Angry Birds” with the strap between the stanchion poles. They could not have been having a better time. 
 “Mama I got to go to the bathroom,” Love Monster said. “Come on Dave~’
 “Gonna stop you right there Dave,” I said putting out an arm as he tried to follow her in. This is NOT ending Blind Date style. “I think we’re done.”
 And then the date was over.
 We walked home. She jumped around in her princess dress lost in thought. I wondered if she was thinking about her first brush with love.
 “Who do you think is smarter? Spongebob or Patrick?” She asked.
 Thank god.
 “Spongebob. Definitely.” I said.
 I’m not ready for her to be boy crazy. She skipped down the street saying hello to everyone that walked by. “I like your dress!” She said to one girl.
 I admire her. She is nothing but herself with no apology and no doubt. I will pummel any idiot boy or mean girls that tries to make that disappear. She is one amazing kid.

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