Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't Forget to Like and Comment!

Oh my god you guys. No plans tonight? Nothing on TV? No worries.  I got you covered. Tuck in the kids. Pour yourself a glass of wine and grab your ipad and/or Iphone And check out the photos and videos the kids have made when you weren’t watching. Some one the best entertainment you will ever see. For real.

My fiancé and I did this the other night and we laughed until we peed.

The photos/videos fell into one of the following categories:

·       5% Coughing- Anyone and everyone get captured doing this. For some reason this seems important to get on camera. (My coughing face is super sexy by the way.)
·       10 % Me on my phone- Yeah. It’s probably a sign I need to put that shit down.
·       20% Super close up on their faces- Extreme close ups seem the go to camera angle for kids. They are cute faces but I really don’t need to see up your nose.
·       30% Butts (clothed don’t worry)- “Now your turn!” “Now your turn!” (This where I started to lose bladder control.)
·      10 % The TV- Because a video of a TV playing a video is awesome.
·      5% Peppa Pig impersonations- They kind of nailed this. Their English accents are awesome.
·      20 % Practicing their toy bin/egg surprise youtube videos

Okay we need to talk about these toy bin/egg surprise youtube videos.

Are you aware of these? Basically they are videos of people opening toys, showing you toy and playing with the toys. My kids are into watching videos of people playing with toys. Yep. Ummmm. That’s bad right? They are obsessed with these videos so much that they now make them. And they are hilarious. The videos on the iPad are ten minutes long each. And as for me, I’m wandering around the background of these videos making dinner usually. Love Monster (sometimes with her side-kick Smirker) perfectly props up the iPad  and “unwraps” toys and describes them for the viewer. They end the video with the usual “Don’t forget to like and comment!” I don’t think they know what that means. My favorite part in one of the videos was  I called out ‘Time for dinner!” in the background when Love Monster was in the middle of her spiel.

She leaned in really close to the iPad camera and said this. “Sorry guys that’s my mom.” And you know the tone. She nailed it. Never felt more like a mom then in that moment.  

I wasn’t the only one who got that treatement. Smirker would be dancing in the background bored of these videos and LM would say, “That’s my crazy sister.”

Well if that wasn’t the best entertainment with a bottle of wine in a while I don’t know what is.

What have I learned from this experience?

The girls know the internet too well. I need to keep vigilant on that shit.
My girls hare hilarious. I knew this already but this confirmed it.
They are great on camera. Again this isn’t good. I don’t think.
We need to not watch youtube. How about actually playing with toys? Or even going outside. Yeah let’s try that.
And the big one, during dinner I should pay attention more. They are doing stuff. Good thing I at least have the parental controls on those things! And also, they are extra super hilarious and amazing when you aren’t watching. I think one of the fun things about watching these is they are being authentically themselves. And they are awesome.

Happy watching! Please report back what you find.