Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Love Monster and Smirker's Fantasy Christmas

These aren’t their actual lists, but I know what they really want.

Love Monster’s Christmas List

- Smirker’s Pinky Pie train set
- The neighbors recycling bin (they drink lots of beer and use lots of toilet paper and    I have crafts to make!!!)
- The door to Narnia
- A puppy
- A penguin
- A train ticket to Ponyville (one for Smirker too)
- Smirker to listen to me (Doesn’t she know I’m in charge?) OR a robot version of Smirker. That will work too.
- An endless supply of ice cream
- An endless supply of boxes. All kinds. All sizes.
- A portal to get to Nama and Napa’s house in Chicago
- A megaphone
- For Smirker to not leave me to go into mama’s bed at night
- Scotch tape
- A classroom of my own.
- Fossils
- Snow
- All the nutcrackers
- For my clown show to go on tour
- For Girl X at school to smile at me
- Paper to write stories and comics

Smirker’s Christmas List

- Pinky Pie train set
- Candy
- To sleep in Mama’s bed every night gripped to her like a little baby koala
- A crayon that doesn’t scribble
- The God puppet from school to do shows at my house
- Candy
- Bubble bath
- For Love Monster to not drink my drinks “all gone”
- Toothpaste
- All the sparkle dresses
- For Mama to carry me around upside down
- A portal to Nama and Napa’s house in Chicago
- Candy
- To be able to sing without anyone hearing
- A car. Not a kid fake plastic car. Not a hot wheel. A real car. 
- Make up (Again not that fake stuff. The real deal.)
- Deodorant
- To Sleep in Love Monster's bed until I transfer to Mama's 
- Candy
- Every color nail polish
- For everyone to understand everything I say
- Candy

If they got everything on this list, their life would be complete. I watch them. I know them. It’s funny to know these little people almost as much as I know myself. And yet I know they have secret sides that only they know. I treasure this transparency I feel now, because I know there’s a good chance with half my genes that they will put a wall up in a few years. And a year will come I won’t know their imaginary Christmas lists. But for now… I know them pretty well. I treasure now. 

Merry Christmas, my lovelies.

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