Monday, April 8, 2013

My Minis

I’m just going to face this one. I figure if I put it all out there I can move onto acceptance much faster. For years I’ve been hearing people say, “You’re kids are just like you!” I’ve always half heard this taking it like they look like me, which I see. But lately this observation made by the masses has taken on a different meaning. They are just like me. They take on every habit I have. Shit!

1.     Spanking-They love to spank every single person they come in contact with. And they think it’s hilarious. I tell them “No it’s not appropriate.” Then my boyfriend pointed out that I totally do this. Not with strangers, but still. Oy….

2.     The patented Beth “Errrr” sound- As in the short but effective “ERRR” I growl when I’m frustrated or annoyed. Smirker has this DOWN.

3.     “Let’s do this thing!”- It wasn’t until I noticed my kids say this every time we left the house that I realized I say this every time we leave the house. Huh. I really am predictable.

4.     Beer- I really like beer. It’s yummy. Every time I have one and Smirker is around, she tries to get it. She is obsessed. I don’t let her have it, but man she wants it!

5.     The “I’m going to start a project right before bed” thing- Love Monster has this tendency to want to start a major project about five minutes before bed. She has a burst of inspiration and must create NOW. “Mama! I’m going to make princess and dragon puppet show!” She has gathered all her art materials, and put two chairs together to be the stage and begins designing the set. Then it becomes a whole deal trying to get her into bed. I’m frustrated. She’s frustrated. I become the dream killer. Ahhhh! My inner self then reminds me, you do this daily. When I get inspired to do something, write something, organize something, I have to do it immediately or I go nuts.

6.     The walk protest- A zoo trip with the two girls. That sounds lovely right? I have the stroller, snacks, I am ready. And then Smirker pulls the “I’m just not gonna walk” card. She insists on my carrying her the WHOLE TIME. And if I put her down she wails. And it’s hot. Really damn hot. The day ends with them smiling and discussing how awesome the snow leopards were, but I am a sweaty, cranky mess. Jeez Smirker! Where do you get this from? Then I flash back to me in high school (Yes high school. I know. Embarrassing), on my family trip to Washington D.C. I practically chained myself to a bench by the Lincoln Memorial and refused to walk anymore. Yeah I did that. What a brat. Sorry Mom.

And I’m sure there are more habits I’ve passed on so let’s consider this part one.

Can you keep a secret? I sort of think all these things are cute. Sorta. In retrospect. They are my little minis! They really are little sponges. My smiles faded a little bit as I wrote that last sentence. We teach them everything. Weather we think about it or not. We do. Something to be aware of as parents. So yes I have to break some of these habits. But not the ERRR sound. That’s seriously adorable.  

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