Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unicorn Love

Love Monster loves unicorns. Like a lot. Like she wants to be one and simultaneously ride it at the same time. That phrase that is all over facebook?

 “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.” 

Yep. Her mantra.

UNICORN LOVE! She’s gonna be one for Halloween. She has Rose, the stuffed unicorn that stays by her side as faithfully as her bear, Bees, she’s had since birth. She made a the fort below:

Unicorns are her obsession and I love it. Fantasy world is my favorite place to be. And one night Love Monster let me into hers. It rocks. Welcome...

“We live in Beautiful World. She lives in Bad World,” Love Monster said pointing down the dark hallway that leads to her and Smirker’s room.

Ahh I see. The “she” Love Monster is referring to is the Bad Unicorn.

“That,” Love Monster dramatically points to the clock mounted on the wall, “tells us when the bad unicorn is coming.”

“When-” I started.

“The 10,” was all she said.

Love Monster adjusted the paper horn we taped to the headband on her head. She gave Smirker a dirty look. “Sparkle! Come on!!!”

Smirker was not wearing the horn headband and was playing with Barbie instead. She did not care about her new role as Sparkle the Unicorn.

“Me! Me! I’ll be Sparkle!” I said way too excited. Love Monster bestowed me the headband and I began living my dream. 

Love Monster transformed me into a unicorn by pressing a plastic circle and square into my face. “I am transforming you with the power square and circle.” Why of course you are.

She lead me to a small fort made between the lazy boy and couch. “Now you can have a unicorn baby,” She said seriously. There in the unicorn nursery is Rose. Love Monster points to her tag. “That will tell you your babies name.”

“YOU DIRTY BEAST DUSTIES!” She screams. Yep I don’t know what that means either, but I think it’s some sort of war cry. We run to the dark hallway where Smirker sits staring at us. 

“It’s you,” Love Monster said now pointing a whiffle ball bat at Smirker. “It’s time,” She said to me.

Smirker is unfazed and goes back to her Barbie.

Love Monster pulls me back into the living room and begins to make weapons for our battle out of cut up straws and balls taped to flutes. “That was badess.” Yeah I thought she said badass too, but no. It was Badess. “She is the bad unicorn. We must transform her with the power circle and square. I find them and hold them intent ready for our quest. Although I’m pretty sure Smirker not gonna like anything pressed on her face.

Love Monster continued. “Badess lives in the Spooky Forest. She does not look beautiful. She likes gross things.”

“True,” I told Love Monster.
“She wants to steal our babies. Especially Hasbro.” She pointed to Rose. “She wants to destroy our homes and lakes.”

“How?” I said enraptured.

“She will make them red and bubbly.”

I nod. That’s not cool.

“Who’s with me?” She said completely serious.

“Definitely me,” I said.

Then the Winx Club came on the TV and she forgot all about Badess and the world she had to save from red bubbly horribleness.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into Love Monster’s brain. If I ever get the dramatic conclusion I will share it with you. I’m dying to know!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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